A Cloud, Every Day, Forever.

Paparuda is a multi-faceted project all the way through. 

It starts with a desire to use cryptoeconomic tools to have an impact on the coming water crises humanity will inevitably dealing with, but not as a project that relies on cryptoeconomics as a pure financial instrument. 

The project starts with art, and comes back to art along the way.   It is inscribed in the long history of the intersection between the arts and the commons.

Designed as a daily NFT sale, that funds the treasury of a DAO (which will in the future provide liquidity for a cypto token), it explores ways in which communities can leverage the incentives built around parallel economies to push outcomes that would otherwise take endless amounts of red tape, institutional obfuscation, and economical friction to execute.

The goal behind the project, more concretely, involves tackling the question of clouds as a water resource. 
  • How will clouds be considered by future generations? 
  • How do we prevent them from becoming another tragedy of the commons? 
  • Can they be endowed with a legal status, guaranteeing protection from corporate or nationalist geo-engineering? 
  • Can we start thinking about them as a resource to be equitably shared rather than a tradable commodity?

To answer these questions we believe that communities will need to come together and direct outcomes that will require financial leverage, coordinated action and, most importantly, the ability to inspire.  Paparuda is an engaged art project, dedicated to having an impact, and doing it together.
If the mechanisms we put in place prove to be successfull, they will become part of a replicable model that can be adapted to other common goods (waves, sand, air, etc).  Our goal is to set the groundwork for this type of endeavor, successfully operate it and fine-tune it, then replicate it as a battle tested approach to developing deep, incentive driven, art forward, community operated projects that, in the end, care mostly about giving back to the planet and its inhabitants.  Our ambition is to propose nothing less than new virtuous economic models that provide alternative approaches to global issues.