Paparuda, 14 minutes, digital cinema, Maxime Berthou 2011

The PaparuDAO is designed to act as a multi-purpose (impact/art/grants) DAO, but with a series of clear objectives

  • The development of projects that raise awareness around hydric stress (art & impact)
  • Clouds as legal entities
  • Geo-engineering clouds (cloud seeding, cloud bursting),

With the goal of generating action around these topics.

May it be to develop an art project (film, installation, exhibition, etc) or to send needed funds to a particular region suffering from drought, or to lobby international institutions to provide clouds with a legal status, the goal is to engage with the topic from the angle of direct action, but also research, discussion and local engagement.  

Organized around a community of Cloud NFT holders, the DAO will also be composed of an advisory board of experts in the various fields (art/law/science) we are bringing together.